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Each Lumière Lauren candle is hand-poured and carefully crafted for your enjoyment. We suggest following these simple guidelines when burning your candle:

Tips for Burning Soy Wax

* Before burning your soy candle, remove and discard all packaging material, including any bows, ribbons and hang tags

* The wick should be trimmed to a 1/4" before each use. Wicks that are too high will cause the soy candles to smoke and burn too fast.

* Do not leave the wick trimmings in the candle wax.

* The first time you burn your soy candle you should allow a full melt pool to develop.  The melt pool is the liquefied wax on the top of the candle.

* The melt pool should extend over (or nearly over) the entire top and should be about 1/4" deep. 

* Soy wax has a memory so a good melt pool during the first burn will mean all the wax (from side to side) will burn away and your candle will not tunnel.

* Candle should be burned for no more than 4 hours at a time for optimum performance or, depending on diameter of container, 1 hour for every inch in diameter.

* Always place your candles on heat resistant level surfaces and out of the reach of children. Keep your candles free of foreign objects and never leave a lit candle unattended or in a draft.

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