Fragrance Descriptions Fragrance Descriptions

Spring Has Sprung at Lumière Lauren!
With several exciting new additions to our 2013 Spring/Summer line.

Baby Powder- So true to the first fresh & gentle scent ever put on baby!

Basil Sage Mint- A refreshing blast of unique herbal fusion! These three green notes from Mother Nature's garden combine beautifully.

Breathe Deep- Relaxing & soothing. A clean citrus blend with bergamot & orange combined with a white floral heart of lily .

Bamboo- An exotic sultry fragrance from the Far East. Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine and lavender make up this amazing blend.

Blood Orange and Rose- Uplifting and stimulating.  The fresh and warm scent of blood orange and classic summer rose.

Casablanca Lily- This delicate floral creation highlights the beautiful scent of a lily skillfully blended with touches of fresh green and citrus notes.

Chamomile Tea- Just like chamomile tea, this scent has a calming effect, subtle and soothing.

Cucina- As in every good kitchen, the delicious herbal combination of rosemary and sage with a hint of lemon.

Coconut Lemongrass- Quickly becoming this season's favorite! The irresistible scent of lemongrass coupled with luscious tropical coconut creates this season's winner!

Cotton Blossom-  Inspired by the scent of pure cotton linen blowing in the breeze, this fragrance is clean, fresh and powdery soft.

Cuban Nights- (new from our men's line) A sultry combination of bergamot, sweet orange, and tobacco. Sandalwood finishes off this sexy blend.

Fig-  The forgotten fruit from Adam & Eve's garden! Sweet and delicious

 Feng Shui Wood- For inner strength, strong bold cedar wood, patchouli, greens of basil and livened with delicate citrus and vanilla.

Green Earth- Go green this year with an earthy blend of green leaf and wild grasses.

 Green Tea-  A very unique herbal type scent with floral undertones.  A fresh, clean, leafy fragrance. Soothing & uplifting.

Harmony- I call this one my throwback! The musky scent of patchouli, sandlewood and vanilla.

Lavender- True herbal Lavender.

Lavender Basil- This herbal aroma cleverly combines lavender with basil and eucalyptus.

Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang-  Lovely yellow blossoms that give a sweet floral smell are combined with the classic scent of lemongrass.

Pomegranate Lime- Smells like your favorite summertime drink-YUM!

Wisteria Lilac- Complex blend of wisteria, lilac, night blooming jasmine, red rose, peony and a hint of spearmint. A floral fusion that will delight.



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