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"Owning a holistic clinic, the atmosphere is one of the most important considerations, not just for healing to take place, but for a sense of escape from the pressures of the day.  The candles that are provided to us by Lumière Lauren are essential to achieve that goal.  Her amazing scents are not only beyond imagination, but beyond compare.  We have developed a substantial retail business just selling the candles to our clients, even adding them to gift baskets, spa packages and with gift certificate promotions.  Lauren has been willing to help us with design, ideas, varying glass containers and packaging, all of them beautiful and imaginative.  Added to this the fact that the candles are so natural with soy, it's just the perfect addition for us.  It is an aspect of our presentation that I can't imagine not having!"
Karen S. Clickner, N.D., L.M.T., L.C.T.
Director, ISIS Holistic Clinic & Body Purification Spa
The Herbal Advisor, International

"Lauren is a creative, thoughtful, talented artist. Her soy candles are beautifully made and burn well. Lauren is a great vendor to partner with because she is not afraid to try different things with her craft. When I suggested an Easter theme - she went right out and bought ceramic bunnies and chicks.  She made a test candle, burned it  - and brought me both to share with my customers. We have worked on wedding favor ideas together; and holiday themed candles and scents. I would highly recommend partnering with Lumière Lauren."
Abby Gray  Owner, Olivia Browning Charlestown MA

"I have been using Lumière Lauren candles for a couple of years now.   They are the best candles I have ever purchased.  A few words I would use to describe these candles are:  original, fresh, clean, novel, unconventional, and some even exotic.  They are not your typical, everyday run of the mill, store bought candles.   The candles burn clean and last a long time.  The fragrances fill your home without being overpowering and linger for hours.  I am a repeat customer and plan on remaining one.  Once you try them you will be hooked, and you will never go back to your regular candles."
Patricia Nelson NY, NY

"I have ordered Lauren's candles for many events.  From bridal showers, baby showers, house parties to small gatherings.  They are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any event.  Her homemade style and flare is beautiful.  People now recognize her unique jar style and smells.  The packaging is simple showing only class and elegance.  The candles burn evenly never having to worry about waste, due to the 100% soy product.  I have tried many different kinds of candles and none to date make a room smell and illuminate like Lauren's.  Her ideas are brilliant and I truly trust her when calling for any event."
Amy Donohue  Watertown, MA

"Lauren's candles not only last for a long time but burn evenly and have wonderful scents.  The best quality candles I have found!"
Paula   Boston, MA

"I have been buying Lumière Lauren candles for years and I love the way they smell and the elegant different rectangle jar.  Also, I love the fact that they are made from soy which is a way better choice.
The Seasonal line-up makes it easy and fun to choose a scent that fits you."

Kimberly Pluck   Watertown MA



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